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Top 5 World Famous Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is a gold mine that a lot of people haven't discovered yet. Many of us know that gold mine, but we don't know how to do and avoid the unwanted risks of doing affiliate marketing or whether we have actually made money from it. There are many marketers who are very successful and famous in the world, learning, researching, and investing for many years with tireless efforts and experienced many failures to make them great and famous. So why don't we learn about these people, learn how they do, and learn to follow them to make money from affiliate marketing - the Online Marketing system. 

Affiliate marketing does not make you successful overnight, it is a system-building process. Naga Marketing will summarize the top 5 world-famous marketers and their journey to build their marketing system in the market. Affiliate marketing does not make you successful overnight, it is a system-building process. Naga Marketing will summarize the top 5 world-famous marketers and their journey to build their marketing system in the market. 

1. The first person we need to know is Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn became a marketer in 2008 after he quit his job and he decided to build Leed Blog and turn it into his website. 

He used Google Adsense (GA - ad delivery across platforms) and started making money from customer clicks on ads displayed on his website. Then he wrote Ebooks and made some money from them. After more than a year of building a website and the first money, a earned in August 2008 through the affiliate marketing system was $ 8000. By 2013, that number had risen to more than 50,000 dollars. Now Pat Flynn is a very famous and successful name when it comes to affiliate marketing. In addition, Pat Flynn has many other sources of income, but most of the more than 80% of income comes from continued affiliates.

Pat Flynn believes that an affiliate marketer must focus on the customer's problems, must provide all the information that the customer needs to solve their problem. Pat Flynn's personal page is not only about affiliate marketing but also about everything about online business. 

2. The second most famous marketer is none other than Finch Sells

Martin Osborn, aka Finch Sells, is a high school student who is now an affiliate marketer. Finch Sells runs its own company, Finch Media Ltd. He's involved in all types of affiliate marketing and also works directly with brands to improve their existing conversion channels. He has had his own blog about affiliate marketing for 8 years. 

Martin Osborn

Finch Sells started posting on his forum when he was 12, got his own forum when he was 14, and learned how to make money from it when he was 16. His first interest in affiliate marketing was at Clickbank, selling unused learning kits. Before long, he found that CPA marketing increased his income. Currently, he sells the Ultimate Premium Bundle for $119.95 and earns a commission from it, earning most of his income. Finch encourages affiliate marketers to take the risk of creating events, building websites, and doing everything themselves. He believes that the affiliates of the future will be the ones who understand the relationship between affiliates, advertisers, and customers.

Sells runs his own blog on, where he talks about everything from his personal life to his professional life. 

3. Marketer 4 is Missy Ward

Missy Ward is an affiliate marketer, a full-time mom, and a philanthropist. She worked for several companies for more than ten years, until 2003 she co-founded Affiliate Summit Corporation with Shawn Collins with an investment of US$400. Affiliate Summit Corporation is a media company that offers individual entrepreneurs and large companies the opportunity to create prosperity in affiliate marketing through conferences, trade shows, magazines, and more. 

Missy Ward

She started managing affiliate meetings for the Affiliate Marketing Force. Soon after, she and Shawn Collins decided to create an alternative, a more effective way to support affiliate marketers and boost their business. Since her idea was rejected by the company boss, she went to raise funds on her own. Their first show had an audience of 200, and the show last January had 5,000 spectators.

Like all successful affiliate marketers, Missy Ward also believes this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. There is no good way to integrate affiliate marketing into your work. You don't have to wait for today's company or public relations agency to contact you. You can start with blog posts, product reviews, newsletters, and more.

She has her own website where she talks about herself, Affiliate Summit, and her business partner Shawn Collins. 

4. Shawn Collins is the marketer at number 4

As we all know, Shawn Collins is the co-founder of Affiliate Summit (2003). He has been involved in affiliate marketing since 1997 and has over two decades of experience. Collins used to work in the publishing industry, but it wasn't enough to pay the bills. He came into contact with Amazon's affiliate program in 1997 and founded his first affiliate website, one related to the New York operation. Before long, he got a job at a medical book company that wanted to have his own affiliate program. 

Shawn Collins

He used Google AdWords and direct mail as his two strategies. He created a list of domains that ranked well on a topic and took the address of the WHOIS voucher. In 2003, he and Missy Ward founded Summit Alliance on a cruise ship and today they are one of the largest affiliate marketing companies.

He advises young marketers to follow their lead. They should find their voice and start blogging. According to him, this is the perfect starting point for affiliate marketing. He advises people to maximize their time while thinking about the topic and covering it as much as possible. He has his own blog at where he provides complete instructions on how to optimize a blog. 

5. The last person to make it to the top 5 list of successful and famous affiliate marketers is Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson has been in the affiliate marketing field for over 22 years. Both he, as well as Sean Collins, started their affiliate marketing journey through the Amazon affiliate program. Then he met WebSponsors and OnResponse, which were the first affiliate programs. In 2007, he decided to open his own blog on to build his own brand. Soon he was engaged in the sale of the subsidiary's products. Without creating his own product, he can make over $100,000 a year. 


Over the past 18 years, he's tried everything from pay-per-click marketing, building his own website, having a mailing list of 2 million people, to running his own affiliate program. . Zac Johnson has learned not to give up in the face of failure and advises young entrepreneurs to do the same. In an interview, he cited advice: "My best advice is to be bold. If you're not willing to invest in endless work that doesn't return an immediate return, then go for it. The business world is totally not for you. Everyone thinks this. It's easy, But the truth is the opposite, with every success story. 

Through brief information from the top 5 Marketers in the world at the moment. All 5 of these people give advice: "There is no way to success that is quick and easy but be consistent with that goal and it will be successful". 


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